How To Be a Party Ninja (It's Not What You Think)

How To Be a Party Ninja (It's Not What You Think)

Jennifer Hunter
Oct 31, 2014

Headed to a Halloween party tonight? No matter what you choose as your costume, you can still be a ninja at the end of the night. Here's how.

We recently defended ghosting, the sneaky habit of disappearing from a party or social event without saying goodbye. Most of you agreed: it's a little bit rude. But just what do you do when you don't want to spend 20 minutes making excuses when you could already be at home in bed.

Reader James Cobalt had this brilliant idea:

I recently had a friend "ghost" on us at an outing. Someone noticed she hadn't seen this friend in a bit and asked if anyone saw her. Nobody had, and then people started to get worried about her. We called her phone- no answer. (It was because she was on the subway underground).

Don't make your friends worry. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a ghost. Be... a ninja. Do a quick and stealthy goodbye so fast they don't even see it coming. Run up to a friend, give a quick hug and say "gotta go see you soon!" and run away before they can process and protest.

Genius! Hit them with a quick and dirty goodbye that they just can't refute. Everyone knows you can't fight with a ninja.

Now go, party it up and leave sans guilt. Happy Halloween!

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