How To: Prepare for Storms and Power Outages

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday Anh-Minh blogged last Friday’s power outage. We too were without power for over eight hours. (Which is nothing compared to one person we know, who lost power for three days.) Since there had been such a huge media build-up to the storm, we were somewhat prepared…

We were actually more concerned about a relative’s home — it had almost been flooded during El Nino, and she had actually lost her car to water damage, so we made the following purchases and preparations (keep in mind that they weren’t really meant for evacuation, but for being somewhat comfortable during a power outage):

  • Sandbags
  • Reading light (and batteries)
  • Charged Candelas
  • LED flashlight
  • Candles (and matches)
  • Food that didn’t need to be cooked
  • Pet food/supplies
  • Cash
  • Filled the car with gas
  • Charged cell phone
  • Good books and magazines

    Our preparations for our own home included the same preparations (except for the sandbags).

    Since that time, we’ve been thinking a bit about what more we could have/should have done. We know we’re supposed to have a battery-operated radio. And we should have had the phone number for PG&E written down somewhere. Other ideas, anyone?

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