How to Be the Best Host: Have You Ever Slept in Your Guest Room?

published Aug 17, 2015
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(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

To truly know how to be a great host, I think you have to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Or their bed, actually. One of these days, take a turn to stay in your own home as a guest. Your hyper-local staycation will allow you to get to know the quirks of your home from a visitor’s point of view.

Is the bed uncomfortable? Is the street noise louder on this side of the apartment? Do the upstairs neighbors use this room as a gym? Is there a weird, pulsating light from the cable box that makes it hard to go to bed? Do I need to invest in blackout curtains to help people sleep in past the crack of dawn?

These are all things that you might not get to know unless you’ve spent a night in your guest room, or on the sofa, or wherever you host overnight guests. By taking a turn as a guest in your own home, you’ll experience everything first-hand. Take mental notes and try to remedy the issues before the next time you host overnight visitors.

Have you ever slept in your guest room? What weird quirks does your home pose for overnight guests?