How To: Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We sweated out last summer without AC, and this summer we’re hoping to do the same. It’s not too bad here in Chicago, where temperatures rarely creep above 90 degrees, so we try to get by on hot days with old-fashioned methods for cooling down. (One lesson learned: hand fans don’t work.) Surfing the web for a few ideas, we came across WikiHow’s comprehensive list of tips…

Our favorite tip from the list is the gentle reminder that people lived for centuries without air conditioning. As long as we’re not hindered by a health problem that requires AC, we can sweat it out, too.

A few other ideas:
• Open windows and use fans to create cross-circulation currents.
• Turn off electric appliances, like lamps and stoves, that are sources of heat.
• Eat small portions of food throughout the day and drink lots of water.
• Use mint (in a glass of water or in skin care products) to refresh yourself.
• Apply cold water to your pulse points.

For the entire list, click here.

Photo: Morguefile