How To: Make a Lamp from Most Anything

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lurking amid the 17,482 how-to articles that currently make up wikiHow is a simple how-to on lamp-making. This is the kind of small-scale project that even a DIY neophyte can undertake with a strong chance of succeeding.

We like this one because the results are anything but cookie-cutter. You make your own lamp in part because there’s an object that compels you, the way the giraffe compelled Jonathan Adler. Some strangely beautiful and superfluous object in your home that you should have parted company with long ago speaks to you everytime you walk past it, whispering save me please…make me into a lamp…

All you need is a good shade. Sources for that are after the jump.

Lampshade Sources
Pottery Barn
PB Teen