How To: Boost Brain Health With... Loud Music?

How To: Boost Brain Health With... Loud Music?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 4, 2009

Here's a mind hack you might not have heard of. Apparently, similar to the way some people alleviate stress by swearing aloud, listening to some extra loud music may actually have some benefits for your noggin'.

Check it out, we don't make this stuff up.

According to researchers at Manchester University:

"Music fans are stimulating part of the inner ear known as the sacculus, which responds to the beat in music. This gives the brain pleasure and makes us feel good — during the music and afterwards.

[When loud music is playing,] the brain is stimulated into releasing feelgood hormones that make us calm, happy and responsive. So to trigger a dose of happy hormones on a Monday morning, you should, in theory, choose Black Sabbath over chamber music."

Of course, this does not in any way suggest that blasting music at full volume, deafening your ears and angering your neighbors is in any way a good idea. Also, we'd take this research with a grain of salt as it suggests the effects would only be felt at about 90 decibels (approximately the same as a jet plane flyby). We love hearing bad habits are good for us every once in a while, but perhaps this research may be pressing for too much of a good thing.

[Via Lifehacker]

[Image by _ES as licensed by CC]

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