How To Bring Your iPhone Back to Life

How To Bring Your iPhone Back to Life

Jason Yang
May 9, 2011

My white iPhone 3Gs has taken so much abuse for the past year and a half that it almost looks like I tossed it into the blender while making this morning's smoothie. Originally I had planned to just live with it until the next iPhone, but with rumours floating around that the iPhone 5 was being delayed until September, I was getting a bit impatient with my blemished phone. With a little help from my friends at Unplggd, here are quite a few options for putting a little elbow grease (or a few bucks) into bringing my iPhone back to life.

My screen protector was bubbling so bad a week into owning it that I just tore it off in frustration and never looked back. Scratches all over the screen have me regretting that decision, but luckily there's a neat tip that'll help get some of the scratches out of your screen.

The back of my phone is the worst part of it, pockmarked by many drops onto gravel and apparently alternating buckets of nails and screws. Here's a neat DIY project that literally buff right out, and give your back a sleek nondescript look in the process.

While I might not be ready to admit to how many times I've almost dropped my phone into the toilet or bathtub, I have dripped lots of water onto it while it was sitting on my bathroom counter. In case you do get it wet beyond the proverbial toe in the water, Unplggd's Home Hacks shows you how to dry out your phone in rice!

Those with damaged iPhone 4s can replace the entire backside:

If the phone's actually not functioning, here are some options for the brave to try to fix it yourself as well as a way to remember if your phone is still in warranty or not.

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