How To: Build a Backyard Movie Theater for under $260

How To: Build a Backyard Movie Theater for under $260

Sonia Zjawinski
Jun 3, 2009

We've been playing around with the idea of setting up a garden movie oasis for quite some time now. Last summer Gregory posted a snapshot of Ed Sweeting's bargain backyard theater as a Final Frame and we thought we'd take a second look at how Sweeting managed to make an outdoor screening space for $259...

As reported in Electronic Home, Ed bought a projector from eBay for $127, $12 on electrical connectors for his speaker wires, and another $120 on a popcorn popper. He then revived an old amp and pre-amp he purchased right out of high school, and the rest came was donations from friends and fam.

Ed's father-in-law gave up an RCA DVD/VCR combo, his step-dad passed along a set of Yamaha speakers, and Ed's neighbor's provided a screen that had been gathering dust in their attic. "It was a EMH 110 Stewart motorized projection screen, Ed tells EH. "I don't know how old it is but a new one runs about $1,400." Lucky!

He found and cut down two broken road construction signs and rebuilt them to hold up the screen. He pieced together a rolling A/V cart from scraps found at his job at a local TV network, so he could roll all his equipment back into the garage.

Now it's time for us to really scrounge around and make our own DIY cineplex.

via Electronic House

(Image: Ed Sweeting)

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