How to Build a Cozy Family Home After Breakup, On a Budget?

How to Build a Cozy Family Home After Breakup, On a Budget?

Tess Wilson
Aug 26, 2015

Q: Greetings, I am reaching out to you as a long-time reader. I will try to keep my personal story brief and get to the question quickly. A week ago, I was abruptly told by my fiance that we were over and I had no choice but to move out of the house we shared. I chose this because of her kids. I did not want to further upset them by displacing them after being told by their mother that I cannot see them any more. I have a 6-year-old son that spends half the week with me. I am now faced with the fact that we lost a beautiful home and have to go back to apartment living...

As you can imagine, my budget is less than zero, but I want to make my new place as livable as possible. I am getting donations from friends of some basic furniture and necessities. My main question is this: are there any tried and true tricks to make an apartment more of a cozy home that I am happy to come home to, on a very tight budget and without taking too much time?

I realize I'm a complete stranger and you have to take this story on good faith. I was good to her, and I love her kids as though they were my own. She has something going on in her mind that I don't have a place in anymore, so I have to go. I apologize for the long sob story. I'm trying to rebuild my life and am willing to take whatever steps necessary to be a happy person once again. Thank you. -Sent by Jay

Editor: Jay, I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through such a hard time. Readers, how can Jay create a warm, family home for himself and his son for cheap or free? What easy ways to make things feel "homey" do you recommend? If you went through a similar situation as a child as Jay's son, what, if anything, would have made the transition easier on you?

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