How To Build an Indoor Fort

updated May 21, 2019
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Building forts with couch cushions, pillows, chairs, tables and lots and lots of blankets is a classic childhood indoor activity — but can also be fun as an adult. The best part is making it all up as you go along but here are a few basic pointers.

What You Need

furniture and cushions that are already in the room, pillows, blankets, sheets, extra chairs, heavy books and/or clothespins

What You Might Want

string of fairy lights, flashlights, snacks, portable TV or viewing access to the TV, laptop, books to read


1. Start with a large table or a couch — this will be your main structure. 2. Find the sturdiest cushions (usually the ones off your couch) to extend your structure walls. You can also use dining chairs and face them in or out. If you face them in, the seat becomes a little nook inside the fort, if you face them out, you will be able to hang a sheet over the chair and set books on top of the sheet on the seat of the chair to weigh it down and prevent your roof from sagging. 3. When you have your walls built, drape sheets over the whole structure to create a roof. Use clothespins to attach sheets if they are not big enough and use heavy books to anchor down the sides. 4. Line the interior of your fort with blankets and pillows so you have soft places to lie down. 5. Bring in flashlights or even string up fairy lights to help add ambience and provide light to read by. Don’t forget to turn them off when not in use! 6. Bring in snacks and enjoy the day in your fort! This seems especially cozy on snow days.

Side Note: if you already have a teepee or other tent, it is still fun to set up in your room and create a fort that way as well!

Images; 1 & 2 Hope Studios, 3 Garden Nymph, 4 Giggle Blogs, 5 & 6 via SwissMiss, 7 via Walking Around, 8 via Home Sweet Home

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