How To Buy Smart & Ditch Buyer's Remorse

How To Buy Smart & Ditch Buyer's Remorse

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 22, 2011

We've spent a great deal of time this month talking about gifts for friends and family members (and come on let's face it, ourselves). It's easy to buy, buy, buy and then look back on your purchases and regret a few things. Here are a few tips on ditching buyer's remorse and picking up the best gifts with the right motive so everyone wins.

Many of us are in a buying frenzy at this time of year and it's easy to get swept up in last minute sales and bargains that seem too good to be true. In addition, even though this extreme gift giving happens at the same time every year, many of us forget how to budget or examine our spending habits to get the biggest bang for our buck and be able to make the most of our time and money.

Our friends over at Lifehacker have outlined 11 ways to ditch buyers remorse and spend smart from the get go. They're great tips and apply to everything from small gifts for co-workers or larger purchases for your home such as sofas, appliances, or those implulse buys from Fab every few weeks. Here's a few of our favorites:

Create a Spending Plan: Even if you say you'll set a dollar amount for each person on your list, truly weighing that against all your other purchases and bills is important.

Know How to Re-Sell Your Stuff: So you bought a sofa and after a few months you're not super in love with it. Returning it is out of the question, but knowing how to sell it again and get your money back on it is worth your time to learn.

Don't Buy from Places with Rotten Return Policies: This might seem obvious, and even if you only buy what you love, not being able to get your money back can be super frustrating. Especially when you still need a gift for someone and now you're dedicated to a single store, or possibly department within that store.

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