How To: Buy the Right Amount of Paint

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most people we know are guilty of this one: You decide to paint a room. You go out and buy the amount of paint you think you’re going to need. You end up with at least one extra gallon that you barely dipped your brush into … Has it happened to you? It’s happened to us. So the best thing to do with the leftover paint?

How about not buying too much to begin with?

According to Treehugger
, California alone generates 8 million gallons of leftover paint a year. Which is why San Joaquin County in California is going to be spending $400,000 to develop a program that teaches residents how to buy just the right amount of paint for their project, how to properly store their leftover paint, and how to recycle the paint if need be.

We’ve got 3/4 of a gallon sitting on our back steps right now. How much leftover paint do you have hidden in the garage?

If you don’t live in San Joaquin County, here’s a tool that can help you estimate more effectively the amount of paint you might need for your next project.

(Image: Flickr member DRB62 licensed for use under Creative Commons)