Reddit’s Vacuum Expert is Back With More Don’t-Waste-Your-Money Tips

published Dec 1, 2017
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Way back in the historic year of our lord two thousand and thirteen, a lowly vacuum repair technician popped into Reddit’s “Ask me Anything” forum to answer the community’s burning vacuum-related questions.

Boring setup isn’t it? Vacuum expert on an internet message board. But user touchmyfuckingcoffee‘s candor — the man has seen a lot of broken vacuums — and impressive expertise that day became something of Reddit legend. Since then, he’s been back for three more “ask me anything” sessions, including one just yesterday where the vacuum pro answered some need-to-know questions about vacuums, particularly how to stop wasting money on shitty ones and take care of the (good) ones you have.

The whole thread (and the past AMAs linked within) is a good read if you’ve got some time, but here are some of the best takeaways from touchmyfuckingcoffee‘s time on Reddit:

Dollar for dollar, a bagged vacuum is always better than a bagless

He says that compared to a bagless vacuum, a bagged vacuum will almost always perform better, be in service for much longer, filter your air better and cost less to repair and maintain. “Virtually every vacuum professional in the business chooses a bagged vacuum for their homes, because we know what quality is,” he added.

Robot vacuums have a purpose, but Roomba isn’t the best brand

About robot vacuums, the expert said “I think they’re okay for doing light cleaning throughout the week, between regular deep vacuuming.” But he suggests that Neato and Miele are making better robot vacuum systems than Roomba. “I worked on an early model Roomba and it felt like a crap product. They’ve since made their machines into modular systems that the consumer can diagnose and replace components easily, so I don’t see them come into the shop so much.”

There are 3 top vacuum brands in the U.S.

And they are Riccar, Miele, and Sebo. To a user with 3 dogs and two cats, the vacuum expert name dropped the three brands and had this parting advice: “You really should invest in a premium vacuum and then have it serviced regularly.” (The expert also gave a hat tip to Simplicity, Riccar’s sister brand.)

There is a right way to vacuum

Before you start, he suggests picking up — by hand — anything larger than dirt, dust, and hair to avoid having those things build up and clog your vacuum. Then, take your time: “Racing through the job can cause lots of debris to come rushing in and causing a blockage.”

Never use carpet powder!

According to the expert and a few other users on Reddit, it doesn’t do anything but clog up your vacuum. If you really need a fresh scent, grab some room spray.