Help! My Shag Rug Still Sheds!

Help! My Shag Rug Still Sheds!

So, I was super excited about my shag rug I found on sale. I brought it home and unrolled it with glee. My toddler ran across it exclaiming "Nice rug!" and I agreed. One week later the shedding hadn't diminished but I decided it was only due to first time use…

I vacuumed it a few times and dismissed the shedding as a temporary set back. Fast forward, one year later. What the heck? The rug sheds more than a life-size wooly mammoth!

I scanned the internet for help. I found some useful information via Ehow:

"Shag rugs get their name from their shaggy appearance. Rugs are made by basically looping pile material and then trimming off the excess. With shag rugs, however, no trimming is done. The long pile material gives this type of rug a shaggy, thick look. A wool shag rug, in particular, can add beauty and elegance to any room in your house. However, these rugs require special care to make them last longer and keep them looking their best."

The article goes on to explain how to vacuum the rug with a soft-brush canister attachment on the front and back-side and how to be careful about not getting the rug caught in the beater bar.

I've done these things, but after an entire year my shag rug is still shedding! Help! I don't want to get rid of my beloved rug, but I'm tired of sweeping up fibers every few hours. Does anyone have any experience or advice on how long I can expect a shag rug to keep shedding at such a constant pace? Can anything be done or should I ship it off to the land of forgotten home accessories?

Thanks for your help!

Image: 1: Anthropolgie Fall Catalog via Aphrochic

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