How To Change The Fabric On Your Dining Room Chair

How To Change The Fabric On Your Dining Room Chair

Beth Zeigler
Feb 19, 2010

We picked up a set of both these chairs while we were still living at our last apartment. For one reason or another, we never got around to changing the well worn fabric on them (probably because there are 10 chairs in all). In the new house, we only have room for 4 of them and we decided they were in desperate need of a pick-me-up.

What You Need

Staple gun


1. Before doing anything, lay your fabric on the chair and play with the different ways it can be positioned on the chair. Once you decide which direction your pattern will go (if you're using a pattern), then it's time to get to work.

2. Flip the chair over and find the screws needed to loosen the seat off of the chair. Once you do, loosen the screws, pull off the seat and set aside.

3. Lay your fabric on a clean surface, right side down (iron beforehand if necessary).

4. Decide whether or not you need to take the original fabric off of the seat. You can do so simply by using a flat head screwdriver to remove the staples.

5. Position the seat on the fabric upside down.

6. Line up the seat with the fabric and start with a staple towards the bottom middle. Work outwards with the staple gun until you get to the corners. Make your staples land close to the edge (so as not to cover up the screw holes).

7. Turn the seat over and make sure your fabric is still aligned properly.

8. Staple the bottom two corners (one at a time), letting the middle part lie flat and folding the sides so they'll meet over the corner.

9. Next, staple the top, again working outwards.

10. Repeat step 8 (now stapling the top corners).

10. Cut off any excess fabric (leaving about 1/2 inch above the staples.

11. Depending on your type of chair, assemble the seat as much as possible before attaching back to the chair. For one of our chairs, it made it easier to attach the brackets to the seat before putting it back on the chair for final assembly.

12. Screw the seat back onto the chair, turn it over and enjoy your hard work!

Additional Notes: We left the original fabric on our seats, covering it up with the new fabric. Because the underneath color or texture didn't show through, removing it was an extraneous step that we didn't bother with. Also, during the entire stapling process, we repeatedly turned over the seat to keep checking our stripe pattern (making sure it was straight and aligned). One last thing--we removed a piece of wood on the cane chair that we didn't need to. It was one of the 4 supports (and we realized it only after we removed the seat).

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