Spring Cleaning

Clean Out Your Freezer (Because It’s Been Way Too Long)

updated May 3, 2019
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We tackled the refrigerator on day two of our spring clean, when I teased that freezer day was yet to come. So I hope that you’re now primed and ready for round two: Cleaning out the freezer.

Because the freezer is home to more long-term storage than the fridge, you might find that your ice box has become somewhat of a history museum inside, showcasing relics from months and months ago within its walls. So now’s as good a time as any to get inside and do a little digging.


Clear Out and Clean Up Inside the Freezer

Grab a cooler and empty your ice trays or ice bucket into it. Then empty the rest of your freezer, tossing away anything that’s freezer burned and unsalvageable, as well as anything that’s very old and likely to never be used. (You don’t need to KonMari your freezer or anything, but it pays to be realistic about what stored food has lived beyond its use—especially if you find your freezer to be light on available space.) Take anything that you do want to save, and drop it inside of your iced cooler.

Use your hands to remove debris from all parts of your freezer (like random french fries—not that I know), and then spot clean where needed. If you encounter a small buildup of ice anywhere, you can attack it quickly with a hair dryer, using a towel to soak up the water. (If you’ve got a super frosty freezer, you may want to defrost the whole thing by turning the temperature dial up or unplugging it.) Then scrub away any stains or stuck-on foods on the walls or shelves with a towel soaked with warm water.

When you’re confident everything inside the freezer is clean, you can replace the food from the cooler into the freezer and carry on!

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