Beating the Ill Effects of Sitting All Day Is As Easy As...

Beating the Ill Effects of Sitting All Day Is As Easy As...

Gregory Han
Jul 5, 2011

Our friend and colleague, Cambria Bold, the managing editor of Re-Nest, is starting her first day using a standing desk at our NYC home offices today (that's her makeshift setup on the left). Partially inspired by another coworker's DIY standing setup (he's since moved onto a more elegant solution), her desire to ditch the traditional desk for something more vertical was also spurred on by a NY Times article listing many of the detrimental effects of a seated lifestyle...

With six years of calculated and controlled studies monitoring study participant's movements and diet, Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic set out to discover why some of is develop muffin tops from muffins way quicker than colleagues who share the same work habits, but do not develop the same excess fat. And the study's findings reveal it might be as simple as fidgeting throughout the day:

"The people who didn't gain weight were unconsciously moving around more," Dr. Jensen says. They hadn't started exercising more — that was prohibited by the study. Their bodies simply responded naturally by making more little movements than they had before the overfeeding began, like taking the stairs, trotting down the hall to the office water cooler, bustling about with chores at home or simply fidgeting. On average, the subjects who gained weight sat two hours more per day than those who hadn't.

Not all of us are able to work on a treadmill while clocking in during the work week, but there are easy and practically free solutions to determine how much you're burning and how to add movement throughout the day, abiding by the findings above:

Do yourself a favour and finish off the rest of this short week by setting out to add more movement throughout the day. We're glad we work from home, but who says you can't also do glute squeezes at your desk or engage your core while browsing online (Kegel exercise anyone?).

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