How To Conceal a Projector?

How To Conceal a Projector?

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 6, 2011

Q: Hey, you guys seem pretty good at hiding wires. What about hiding an entire projector system? I've been wanting larger screen estate for my movies, but I can't think of any good way to hide the projector behind my sofa. Any tips?

A: Great question, Jake! Let's give this a shot.

To be honest, there is no quick and easy way to hide a projector. Especially if it isn't wireless, you're pretty much stuck running a cable across the room, which isn't very pretty or safe. But while we're still waiting for affordable wireless pico projectors to become the norm, it's best to approach it with a bit of creativity.

We call this the 'noise diffusion' technique. That is, using a wall-mounted shelving system with lots of books and other media to diffuse the focus from the projector.

Of course, you could just utilize a simple IKEA LACK shelf and it'll still do the trick - the real problem lies in hiding the power and VGA cable, in which case we'd recommend investing in some cable control systems and painting/wallpapering over them to camo them into the background. Running the cable along the underside of the sofa is a good technique as well.

Then again, we know our readers are always great at coming up with creative solutions. So how 'bout it? What else can Jake do to alleviate his projector eyesore problem?

(Images by Residence via Emma's Design Blogg)

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