How To Control Internet Sharing Between Roommates

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Call me evil, but I have a thing against bandwidth hogs. Some may even call it a pet peeve. Especially when having to share a house with a large number of people, an unrestrained LimeWire user or torrenter can drag a network down to a crawl. Here’s a few tips to help make things work out a little fairer (or at least, give priority for the things you feel that do matter).

Today’s topic: Using QoS for Bandwidth Distribution at Home

Sharing the Internet is fine for most people, but when streaming video or gaming need huge chunks of bandwidth and there’s none there, the experience can be pretty aggravating. However, there is a way to get “first dibs” or “more bandwidth” to the things you care most for.

Given you own the router and have the password to its advanced features, just follow the instructions below to get QoS up and running:

1) First, open your browser and access the router’s Control Panel (each router has its own way of connecting to this interface, so you might have to whip out your manual for this)

2) Find the Advanced Settings tab for “QoS” (Quality of Service).
On a Linksys router, that is under “Applications and Gaming,” but again, all routers are different.

3) Give your PC’s MAC Address (a MAC Address is a specific series of numbers that identifies you on the network) a rating of “Highest.” Set the rest on “Lowest.” Alternatively, you can control ports (like for BitTorrent and LimeWire)

If you have trouble getting your MAC address from the Control Panel interface, you can open a command prompt (on Windows) and go to (Start >Programs >Accessories) and enter “ipconfig /all” (without quotes). You should see something like this: 01-23-45-67-8A-9B.

4) Enable, Save, and exit.

That’s it. Now your Internet “data packets” will take priority while the other Internet users will have to wait for your request to complete before getting theirs. Happy full-speed browsing!

[Adapted from TechPaul]

[Image: New York City via a CC license]