How To: Create A Dramatic Focal Point

How To: Create A Dramatic Focal Point

Beth Zeigler
Dec 2, 2008

120208behr-01.jpgDo you have a room in your apartment that just doesn't feel right? You've tried painting or adding new fabric or even changed out the art on the wall and the space still reads blah. It might just be the fact that your space doesn't have a dramatic focal point. When we enter a space, we're looking for a center of interest for our eyes to land (and if the space doesn't have it, we end up looking at everything all at once). To help us out, we found some great tips on how to create a dramatic focal point in your space from Behr paint.

Because many focal points occur naturally in our home's architecture, try emphasizing one of these first. A few include fireplaces, bookshelves, built-in cabinets and picture windows.

  • Make your fireplace area stand out by dressing up the mantle. You can try hanging artwork or an interesting mirror above it, adding fireplace accessories, or simply painting the area with a bold splash of color.
  • Moldings are a great way to define your space by painting them with a coat of semi-gloss or high gloss paint that adds an elegant sheen.
  • Fabrics that are colorful, or have interesting patterns or textures, are a great way to create visual interest. Help add drama to a window by framing it with draperies made from vibrant, luxurious fabrics. Keep in mind that the bolder the color or pattern of the fabric, the more attention it will attract.

Just because you don't have built in focal points, doesn't mean you can't create them with these helpful tips. You can pretty much use most any object as a focal point, it just needs to be something that will draw your attention. Take a look around your room and start by using what you already own. It will probably be one of the larger pieces of furniture such as a sofa, a bed or a tall armoire.

  • If you're going to use the sofa as a focal point, cover it in bold fabric or use a few visually interesting accent pillows.
  • To make an armoire stand out, paint it with a color that contrasts with the walls.
  • Artwork can be a great focal point (either a large piece by itself or a grouping of pictures). You can further emphasize your artwork by using a picture light above.

  • To make a wall or an alcove stand out try painting the walls with contrasting paints. Use a color that is either much darker or lighter than the rest of the colors in the room.

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