How To: Create a Home Office Wall-sized Corkboard

How To: Create a Home Office Wall-sized Corkboard

Gregory Han
Feb 25, 2009

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Title: Create a Home Office Wall-sized Corkboard
Name: Sejal
Time: 6 hours
Cost: 135.00

Sejal explains her project: "I wanted to make a wall-sized corkboard for my home office because the corkboards I found at the office supply store were just not large enough for all my notes, sketches, and to do lists! Now I have space to tack up all my important papers and the cork tiles give the wall a textured, eco-friendly look. Overall size of the corkboard is 5' x 5'."

Click above for the pics and head below for all the instructions. Give Sejal a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

Tools for the project


  • Black foam board (6 pcs, 20"x 30" each)
  • Cork tiles (6 packs of 12"x12" tiles, 4 tiles/pack)
  • Heavy duty masking tape
  • Heavy duty double stick tape
  • Four long screws and drywall anchors
  • A drill and power screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Aluminum foil tape


  1. Tape all 6 pieces of foam board together to create the corkboard base using heavy duty masking tape. Tape both the front and back sides for better support.

  2. Use double-sided tape to tape cork tiles onto foam board. Use double-sided tape liberally so the cork tiles stay in place!

  3. Once the corkboard is built, use aluminum foil tape (or electrical tape) to seal the outer corkboard edges and frame the board.

  4. Drill 4 holes at the corners of entire corkboard set in about 2-2.5" from the corners.

  5. Hold the corkboard where you want to place it on the wall and make sure it is level. Pencil mark the four pre-drilled holes on the wall.

  6. Drill holes in the wall for drywall anchors where your pencil marks are. Hammer in drywall anchors.

  7. Using a power screwdriver, attach the corkboard to the wall with long screws.

  8. Clean up the mess, pin up your office calendar, some favorite photos, and go wild!

I tried working with aluminum foil tape for the first time. It's fun and easy to work with. The tape is sticky on one side (with peel-off backing) and very shapeable. It gives the corkboard edges a neat, tin-like effect.

Give Sejal a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

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