How To: Create a Literate Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It turns out that PBS cares more than if your family watches tv – it cares if your children grow up to be readers. The PBS Parents website has lots of information about reading including suggestions about How to Create a Literate Home.

By literate home they mean “an environment that encourages children to learn to read and write and become lifelong readers and writers.” Some kids love reading and books from the get-go, but others are more reluctant or discouraged. Either way, the website makes some good suggestions for things you can have in your home and things you can do in your home to promote literacy for children from the time they’re newborns until they’re reading and writing on their own.

A few examples:

  • Beginning readers (pre-K and K) should have access to letters in different materials that they can actually handle – foam, fabric, felt, etc. – to help them identify and become familiar with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Keeping books for small babies and toddlers on low shelves or bins will attract more attention and exploration.
  • Be reading role models. Having lots of adult books in the home, reading newspapers and magazines or keeping a journal encourage children to take up these activities themselves.

Find more suggestions for creating a literate home at the PBS Parents website.