How to Create a Rustic, Vintage Office Environment

How to Create a Rustic, Vintage Office Environment

Mike Tyson
Feb 14, 2011

021411vinoffice1.jpgOne of our favorite styles for the home is achieved with a beautiful collection of vintage and repurposed objects. Not only is it eco-friendly but the look is a great way to make your home feel less like a sterile magazine and more like an intimate reflection of who you are. In this home office above, the homeowner has created a warm and peaceful environment to get some work done using this very style. After the jump we'll provide some tips on how to achieve the same look on a budget.

021411vinoffice5.jpgPaint: One thing that will be of great importance is to pick the right color paint. Notice in the office above, everything from the floor to the ceiling is painted in a bright white. This not only visually opens and brightens the room, but it allows the walls to recede in space, rather than compete with the complexity of the assembled objects. This look isn't for everyone, nor is it even possible for some renters. If you're weary of an all-white room, any subtle warm/earthy color (yellow, orange, brown) should work.

021411vinoffice3.jpgReclaimed Wood Desk: Being one of the most important features of the room, it is crucial the desk fits coherently with the rest of the décor. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a reclaimed wood desk. There are various ways to find reclaimed wood including a local lumberyard or your Craigslist classified listings under "material". You can either affix the wood to the wall for a floating affect or attach your own legs. We love the hairpin legs in the example above which you can find here.

Art: This is when you can really begin to have fun and make it personal. The trick is to hang whatever you want, where you want. Things don't need to be framed and they definitely don't need to be well "composed" on the wall. Throw it up there without much thought, step back, and see if it works. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. If you don't have much art to begin with, a stop by your local thrift/antique store should help you out. Not only can you look for actual art/posters, but check out books or postcards as well. You can find some beautiful diagrams in old science books or some nice black and white landscape photography on postcards.

021411vinoffice2.jpgHanging Light: It appears this light is a DIY/custom job which you can make yourself. We think a simple metal flower box — again, found at an antique store or Craigslist — could do the trick. Simply turn it upside down, drill for the light bulbs with cords and run the cord up to the ceiling. Depending on your wiring situation it might be best to let an electrician or handy friend help you out.

Large Wire Baskets & Fan: We consider both of these things (storage and airflow) to be essential in an office and both can easily screw up your style (think plastic drawers and white box fan). Thankfully, there are a lot of vintage fans and baskets available on Etsy. Take some time to perfect the details and your end result will be that much more successful.

021411vinoffice4.jpgVintage Glass Storage: We have to admit, we've never considered using vintage glassware as a means of storing various pencils and scissors on your desk, like the above home does. Buy a multiple of sizes for anything from large pencil stands to paper clip holders. And because vintage glass is so abundant, you can get some really beautiful pieces out there.

[1st image via Solid Frog, reclaimed bench via ohdeeoh]

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