How To Create a Slighty Self Cleaning iPad Sleeve

How To Create a Slighty Self Cleaning iPad Sleeve

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 12, 2010

We love our new iPad, and while the device is fun to use it sure does get smudged easily. While looking at an old pillowcase made of super soft material (like our eyeglass cleaning cloth) and part of a sweater we had leftover from when we made a laptop sleeve, we came upon a simple solution. We would use the pillowcase and sweater to make an iPad sleeve. By combining the material from the sweater with that of the pillowcase we would have a sleeve that would not only protect our iPad, but it would also provide an easy way to remove smudges due to the super soft lining made from the pillowcase. Here is our step by step guide showing how we used our basic sewing skills and created our vision of the perfect iPad sleeve out of a sweater and pillowcase.

What You Need

a sweater (100% wool works best)
straight pins
sewing machine
measuring tape
iPad for sizing (or measurements of iPad)
button for closure (optional)
cord/shoelace for closure (optional)
straight pin (optional)


1. Begin by laying your iPad on top of the pillowcase to ascertain which portion you want to take from the pillowcase to make the sleeve. Repeat this step for the sweater.

2. Using your iPad as a template, leaving about 7/8 in of space from the device to the edge, cut the remaining two sides of the pillowcase. We decided to use one of the existing seams in the pillowcase as one of the longer sides of our rectangular sleeve, and to use the closed side of the pillowcase as the bottom (image 2), saving time and cutting down on our sewing. Cut the sweater into a rectangle that is the same size as the one cut from the pillowcase.

3. Turn the pillowcase inside out, right side to right side, and sew the remaining long side (since two of the sides are already closed). Turn the sweater inside out, right side to side (image 4), and sew three sides (if there are no existing seams). You may need to adjust the tension and foot on your sewing machine to accommodate the sweater. Depending on how bulky your sweater is, or if it contains cables, you might need to use a larger needle and a different foot. With your newly sewn sweater sleeve still inside out, sew a zig zag or serge each layer separately at the ends where it was cut. This is to prevent the sweater from unraveling and does not need to be exact.

4. There is now a sleeve made out of a pillowcase and another sleeve made out of a sweater. Keep the pillowcase sleeve inside out, but turn the sweater sleeve right side out. Insert the right side out sweater sleeve into the inside out pillowcase sleeve (image 5), the sweater sleeve should be just barely concealed by the pillowcase sleeve since they are about the same size.

5. Pull back the pillowcase sleeve slightly and place and sew the button on the sweater sleeve with the top of the button facing the pillowcase sleeve (image 6). On the opposite side, use the cord/shoelace and make a loop, pull back the pillowcase sleeve and pin the loop facing downward (towards the bottom of the sleeve) in the desired location in order to make the button clasp (image 7).

6. With the sweater sleeve inside the pillowcase sleeve, sew around the circumference of the open top (image 8), leaving about 5 inches un-sewn (this is to enable you to pull the sweater through the pillowcase). When you get to the button clasp, remove the pin, and hold the clasp in place as you sew your way around the top of the sleeve.

7. The sweater and pillowcase sleeve are now sewn together. Pull the sweater through the 5 inch opening between that pillowcase and sweater sleeve that was left un-sewn (image 9). The sleeve will now look like two right side out sleeves connected at the center (image 10).

8. Tuck the pillowcase sleeve into the sweater sleeve so that it forms the lining (image 11).

9. Hand sew the 5 inch opening at the top closed (image 13). Slide your iPad into the sleeve and button the clasp, your new sleeve is ready to go!

Additional Notes: We went with a 100% wool sweater because of the great blocking potential of wool. Blocking is when you use water or steam to reshape. Because of the blocking potential, wool is a very forgiving fiber which is great when your sewing skills are very basic. Wool also has natural water resistant properties making it better than cotton for keeping your iPad safe. We decided on the pillowcase material to line with due to its soft and silky feel and how great it was for removing smudges.

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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