5 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Computer Station

Let’s face it: we spend more time on our electronics than any previous generation. Extensive mined materials and electricity keep these gadgets going and us connected. So let’s check out how sustainable design can reduce the computer station footprint without reducing its quality!

Computer – Recyclable and Ethical At the heart of any computer station is, well, the computer! Some inventive students designed a recyclable laptop that may go into production. Until then, look for the Energy Star label and follow companies that have committed to supplying ethical products, in particular from mined materials.

Mouse – Biodegradable We are loving this new mouse developed by Fujitsu that is biodegradable! It is made from 100% bio materials and connects with a PVC free cable.

Printer – Efficient and Futuristic Printers have come a long way in terms of efficiency, and one of our favorite finds was an HP Printer with a fast start-up time, duplex printing, and a power saving mode. That partnered with soy ink is a real winner. Of course the futuristic Eco Printer with disappearing ink would be nice, but we will hold off until it is on the mass market.

Paper – Recycled or Wheaty? Selecting the most eco-friendly paper can lead you down many paths. Look for paper with over 50% post consumer waste content or check out this awesome wheat paper!

Power Strip Of course the piece to tie it all together is the Smart Strip power strip that keeps the energy use down and can be turned off with the click of your toe.

If you are the Home Office type, check out our Home Hacks article to green it up!

What else would you put in your eco-friendly computer station?

(Images: See posts for photo credits except for the mouse from Fujitsu, )