How to: Create an Eye Catching Cabbage

How to: Create an Eye Catching Cabbage

Jenny Butler
Oct 22, 2008

What do you get when you cross a cabbage, metal pole, pill bottle, rose petals, knife, ribbon, roses, vintage knife and fork, mallet, plate and a pin? Click below to find out…

You've got yourself a Cabbage Centrepiece!

These are the centrepieces we made for our wedding that were based on something similar we had seen in a vintage Vogue magazine.

The great thing is that they are super simple to make. [Trust us, we made 15 in an afternoon!]

What you need:

1 cabbage

1 plate that is bigger than your cabbage

1 knife

1 pill bottle

1 hollow metal pole a similar size to your pill bottle

1 mallet

3 roses [we used Dolce Vita roses]

1 metre of ivory ribbon

1 vintage knife

1 vintage fork

1 pin

1 handful of rose petals


1. Peel off the outer layer of cabbage leaves until you find a tight, shiny cabbage

2. Place 2 or 3 of the cabbage leaves on your plate

3. Cut your cabbage in half [1 cabbage makes 2 centrepieces]

4. Take your hollow metal pole, place above the centre and beat with mallet until it goes all the way through

5. Place the cabbage on the centre of the plate

6. Place the pill bottle in the hole in the cabbage and add bit of water

7. Arrange roses in the pill bottle

8. Tie your ribbon into a bow and use the pin to fix it to the cabbage

9. Sprinkle the rose petals over the cabbage and area around it

10. Finally, hold your elegant vintage cutlery in either hand and raise it above your head. Then thrust it in a downward motion until they lodge firmly in your cabbage.

Ta da! Now you have an eye catching cabbage centrepiece.

When we came up with this plan and told our family they thought we were crazy but on the day everyone was surprised at how pretty a cabbage could turn out.

Have you ever integrated a cabbage or something as similarly unconventional into a centrepiece? How did it turn out?

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