Worth a Try: One-of-a-Kind Fabric Lampshade

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I had a hard time finding a lampshade that complimented the quirky charm of this modern, ceramic bird lamp set. The shade that actually came with the lamp was a weak, unflattering green color, so I was sure I could do better.

I searched high and low for the perfect fit to no avail, and eventually decided to try my hand at creating my own ideal shades. After ordering a great selection of fabrics from Purl Soho, I picked my favorite and started crafting with tapered drum shades, fabric glue and my trusty shears and the result is shown above.

I found a great tutorial at Isabella & Max Rooms that is similar to my original crafting process and even offers a bonus trimming step! This is a great project for those with especially particular or unique taste.

Check out the full DIY fabric lamp shade tutorial here, on Janell Beals’ Isabella & Max Rooms.

Image by Andie Wurster