How To Deal With Roommates’ Loud TV?

published Jan 17, 2016
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Q: My boyfriend and I just moved into a two-bedroom apartment with another couple, one of whom was our old roommate and has been a friend of ours for years. The living situation is going pretty well so far, but one thing is bugging me: they like to listen to the TV really loudly. Even when their door is closed, I can hear absolutely every word in both our bedroom and the living room. I’ve asked them a couple of times to turn it down if I’m going to sleep or if I’m working on something, and they’ve been really nice about turning it down, but then the next time it’s on full volume again…

I may yet ask them to just keep it turned down a little, but I thought it might be easier if I could propose a solution to help insulate the sound. So my question is, what can we do to make sure the sound doesn’t escape their bedroom (and ours too!) as easily? I’ve seen similar questions before but mostly directed to blocking noise from the street—is there anything we can do for noise coming from inside the apartment? Thanks for the help! -Sent by Carmen

Editor: As someone who recently mused, “I feel like it would be perfect if everyone spoke at, like, 75% of their normal volume,” I feel your pain. We all have different hearing skills/sensitivities, and a full-volume TV can be a powerful thing. Readers, how can Carmen continue living with these nice roommates without having to hear every word of every show every day? And without the roommates having to turn the volume down to a level that might be uncomfortable to them? Thanks!

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