Decluttering Tech & the Home By Throwing a Party

Decluttering Tech & the Home By Throwing a Party

Anthony Nguyen
May 21, 2010

To be completely honest, we let ourselves go every now and then. Tax season. Big projects weeks at work. We've got a number of reasons to slack off and let our living rooms and home offices fall to chaos. Here's an idea you've probably never thought of: How about throwing a party with friends to encourage cleaning?

It's not particularly difficult to wrap you mind around it. Do you want people to think you're a slob when they're over? No way! Throwing a little shindig every once in a while is a great way to justify some necessary cleaning. However, it's one of Lifehacker's very own readers that eloquently phrased the mantra behind the idea of "house party cleaning for parties" so well that we had to re-quote it:

I decided recently that it's nice to invite people over to the house every couple of weeks. My wife (and somewhat me, too) has to have the house picture perfect anytime we have special guests over. By inviting someone over for dinner or another couple over for a movie forces us to go into cleaning mode.

Whenever we don't have anyone over for a while, we let the house go. This helps keep us accountable. Obviously, not everyone cares about how their living conditions are perceived by their guests, but for people who are, this is a great way to force yourself to do some "spring cleaning" on a pretty regular basis.

We'd also like to add THREE additional rules when throwing a party home, especially if you're digitally entertaining:

1) Seating. Make sure there's enough chairs, sofas, and even more fold-out chairs in case people bring guests. You never want to force people to stand around, even if your goal is to have people standing around and converse with the entertainment in the background.

2) Create a Guest Network. You know, because everyone's so important these days that they're going to need internet, even at your party. So instead of letting some drunk gentleman you hardly know get his hands all over your keyboard, establish a wireless network just for guests and post the password on your refrigerator. If someone asks, simply point.

3) Entertain by Design. One wouldn't think of entertaining guests as a design problem, but we're here to argue that it certainly is. If you're playing music, allow a means for users to select from a playlist to add their top favorites (See Apple Remote App and iTunes DJ below). Strategically place drinks away from digital devices. Automate whenever necessary.

Now, if you don't have any friends, well... we're always here for you. Unplggd knows how to get down, you know.

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[Via Lifehacker]

[Image: Matthew Mau's Creative Loft in the Chapman Building]

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