How To Declutter Your Computer in 3 Minutes

How To Declutter Your Computer in 3 Minutes

Gregory Han
Apr 6, 2012

"When we have so much [on our computers] and it's so cluttered, not only is it difficult to find things, but it's so difficult that it limits us from being able to get the work done that we need to get done," says Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac.

And with that in mind, Rhone explains his three minute solution for spring cleaning our digital workspace with the ruthless focus of an organizing tackling a hoarder's cluttered closet...

Organizing your computer will take three minutes, Mr. Rhone says. Take everything on your computer and put it all in a file called "My stuff." Everything else follows from that. "The goal is to get things to a state where you can set yourself up to organize as you go," Mr. Rhone says. "When you need to work with something, take it out, work with it, but then put it away where it belongs."

We think this might be a bit extreme (though, one could argue, desperate times calls for desperate measure), especially for anyone with a desktop hoarding problem. It might be more reasonable to create a simple inbox, outbox, and "important" desktop folders where any temporary/live file must live within.

The one additional rule would be the "important" file must be emptied each day, so the folder would be specifically for tasks requiring immediate attention. Just as nobody should aspire to have a messy desk (Rome wasn't built in a day nor were were those piles of "stuff"), the same could be said for file and icon-cluttered desktops.

Just remember these three words: Sort. It. Out.

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