How To Declutter the Laundry Area

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Washing and drying areas for laundry tend to fall to chaos without the proper organization and functional order. Here are a few tips to help keep the laundry room organized to make even the most dreaded washes a little more enjoyable.

1. Make Use of Wall Space: Even with a smaller laundry room, you can have a decluttered and organized space by making use of the walls. Cabinets and shelving can create a lot of space to store your laundry items.

2. Have a Hideaway Trashbin for Tossaways. Static sheets, lint filters, old socks not worth donating, and other laundry junk need a place to be thrown away. Placing those items out of sight creates a cleaner, more refreshing room.

3. Categorize Shelves According to Function. The quicker things are to find and grab, the earlier the chore gets done. Get rid of items that don’t belong like tool boxes, soft drinks, etc.

4. Do It Now: We had a chaotic laundry room stay the way it was for about a year. It was shameful. We hid it from guests. The main thing is to start, and just do it. The longer you take to decide, the longer your laundry room will remain a mess.

Have a laundry decluttering tip to share? Let us know below!

[Image: Electrolux]