How To Determine if Hulu Plus is Right for You

How To Determine if Hulu Plus is Right for You

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 1, 2010

If you haven't heard the news already, Hulu Plus is finally here. For $9.99/month, you get more shows and the ability to stream via WiFI or 3G to your iPhone, iPad, or Sony Playstation 3 (with further Internet TV support to come). So, is it worth it? We've got a quick and easy guide for those still on the fence...


  1. Count your devices. Hulu Plus truly is valuable for those who've been longing for mobile TV on their portable devices. This includes iPhones and iPads (no Droid support, for now). Or, if you've been an avid Boxee user who's been struggling to get a good experience with Hulu on your TV, you can utilize the new upcoming support on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (Early 2011) to see the integrated software truly shine.
  2. What's another $10? You've got yourself a Netflix, Xbox Live!, and a digital iPad subscription to Dwell - a few more bucks wouldn't hurt, right? Well, $10 x 12 months = $120, which could be used to help with the oil spill cleanup, purchase a new Wacom tablet for your kiddo, or something more important than TV. Also, keep in mind that Hulu Plus is still ad-supported, even though you're paying for it.
  3. Will it complement or compete against Google TV/Boxee?. Both services are still in the works (or invite only beta testing), so it might be worth it to see how well Hulu gets integrated within Google TV/Boxee or if they'll go rogue and try to separate themselves from the services altogether. From our experience, there's nothing more aggravating than having to go in-and-out of multiple applications to just do something that should require only a few steps.



We're one to play it safe and adopt later unless we're really dying to see a particular show on TV. Aside from the convenience factor, it's hard to justify yet another service to fill our entertainment needs. Unless you've got a mild TV addiction and must have your shows everywhere you go, we think this one can wait.

What do you guys think? Is Hulu Plus worth it for you?

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