Turn Digital Photos Into Stylized, Blown-Up Family Portraits

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hanging beautiful artwork in your home is a wonderful way to express your individuality and the aesthetic of your personal space. However, nothing expresses this like a great family photograph.

While most people have framed family photos scattered here and there around the home, it is rare to find as definitive a statement as a beautifully styled, blown-up family photo. This photo by Calgary designer and photographer, Lori Andrews, exhibits an artistic approach to a family portrait session and creates a whimsical tone in the room. High resolution photos such as this can be enlarged, mounted, and hung as art pieces in the home. Take a look below for steps on how to create your own personalized portrait.

1. Take your photo! Most digital cameras will work for this process, as long as the camera is able to obtain a resolution of 150ppi minimum. OR if you want a more professional quality guarantee, hire a photographer who can ensure high resolution photos.

2. Unless you have a large-scale printer at home or want to piece your photo together like a puzzle, you’ll have to leave this one to the professionals. Bring or email your digital file to a local print shop (or even Kinkos) to have the photo enlarged into a poster format. The shop will be able to tell you what sizes are available with their printers.

3. Mount the poster. Archival, acid-free foam core is available at most office supply stores. Most print shops can also do this for you, for a minimal charge.

4. There you have it! Find an empty wall in a room that needs a bit more vibrancy and hang.

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