How To: Dragonfly Mobile

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dragonflies make for a great theme in a nursery – kind of dreamy and apropos for spring. It’s no wonder we were attracted to this dragonfly mobile tutorial over at Smaller blog.

To make this ethereal mobile you’ll need the following materials:

– wooden clothespins
– fabric
– fabric stiffener
– wax/parchment paper
– paintbrush
– two embroidery hoops (2 sizes)
– hot glue gun (regular glue will also work)
– scissors
– white thread

You’ll need to trace and cut seven large and seven small wings. Cover the surface with your wax/parchment paper and saturate with the fabric stiffener. Hang the wings to dry. In the meantime, attach the embroidery hoops together with thread. Once dry, attach one small and one large wing to the clothespins with some hot glue. Attach each dragonfly with string to your hoop structure and you’re done!

You can read more about the project at Smaller blog.