11 Ways to Use Cork In Your Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking through the CHI Spring Cure Flickr pool last night, we found this gorgeous photo from raikenn, who used a simple sheet of cork as a tray for his Adler vase collection. It got us thinking about the many ways to use cork in your home. It’s renewable (made from tree bark), can be recycled from old wine corks, and it’s antibacterial…

Follow the links below for more information on each of these ideas:

• Make a cork board cabinet.
• Lay down some cork flooring.
• Use old wine corks to make placecard holders.
• Make a pushpin board.
• Use it to make tabletop items: coasters, centerpieces, and napkin rings.
Tile a space in cork.
• Go for a cork bath mat.
• Use cork trivets as pin boards or plant stands.
• Use cork sheets as trays or tabletop protectors.
• Use cork fabric for an upholstery project.
• Thick cork can be used for countertops.

For a more complete explanation of cork’s green qualities, see this post. For a top ten list of cork suppliers from Re-Nest, see this post.