Bedroom Style: 10 Ways to Dress Your Canopy Bed

Bedroom Style: 10 Ways to Dress Your Canopy Bed

Nancy Mitchell
Mar 28, 2012

Lately we're loving the look of a modern canopy bed — just a four-poster with a frame, no dressing, very beautiful, modern, and simple. But there's no denying the romantic appeal of a tall bed draped with a canopy and curtains. If that's the route you choose, here are 10 different ideas for dressing your canopy bed, many of which manage to strike the perfect balance between cozy and modern.

It seems only appropriate to start with the classic canopy bed arrangement, with a full tester and curtains. I like to call this one 'The Felicity', after the American Girl whose bed we all coveted. The Felicity is super romantic, super cozy (it's like a little room! that's a bed!), and very traditional. Image from Phoebe Howard.

Here are a couple of variations on the Felicity. The bed on the left, from Architectural Digest, has full curtains and a canopy, but with a twist — the canopy is attached to the bed frame in only a few places, and allowed to billow down gracefully over the bed. It's just as much fabric, but a more modern look. The bed on the right, from Elle Decor, still has the full tester, but with curtains only in the back. It opens up the bed to the room a great deal more, and you're able to see more of the bed frame, but it's still a very traditional look.

From James Michael Howard, here's the Felicity, updated with a light, gauzy fabric.

This is the Felicity, sans canopy. Still pretty and romantic, and you'll spend a lot less time dusting. From Phoebe Howard.

Another option is to only use curtains at the head of the bed. Left: Rue. Right: Georgia Carlee Interiors.

A single fabric panel at the head of the bed softens up a modern canopy bed. From Elle Decor.

I love this modern take on a canopy from House to Home. A single fabric panel behind the headboard drapes over the top of the bed to become a canopy.

Here's a similar look from Kathryn Ireland — here, the canopy panel drapes all the way over the bed and is tied off in a big knot. This setting is quite traditional, but I could imagine this in a modern setting with a light, gauzy fabric.

A single panel of fabric, draped over the head of the bed, gives the barest suggestion of a canopy. Left: Country Living. Right: Emmas Designblogg.

And finally...this haphazardly draped canopy, seen in an interior from House to Home, is unusual and ethereal and modern. Sweet dreams!

(Images: as credited above)

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