How To "Embed" Tech Into Your Style

How To "Embed" Tech Into Your Style

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 2, 2010

We know, we know. Technology is what drives us (cue the drumroll for the upcoming iPad review, please). But our style should certainly be driven by our own aesthetic senses, not what some big name computer or TV maker suggests in stock photos. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you keep that lifestyle of yours a priority, while slick-tastically embedding all those gizmos we all know and love.

1. Carve out small areas for tech. This could vary from building a closet shelf for office work, strategically placing speakers between decor items, or placing a TV near a long shelf with other objects that contribute to the style of the room. This way, while you're still dedicating an area for technology, you'll keep the room aesthetic so that the tech item doesn't attract all of the attention.

2. Keep those areas free of electronic clutter. The problem with any type of electronics are the unsightly wires that often come with it. This may include: laptop power chargers, speaker wires, and the endless amount of connectivity cables that seem to accumulate with each of our electronic purchases. Keep them controlled with wire tie-wrap and strategically placed electronic drawers.

3. Try throwing furniture in front. While it probably doesn't come as a surprise, most furniture lends itself to a room much better than anything with a screen on it ever will. Even placing a chair in front of a TV makes it seem like a living area is made more for conversation rather than subjecting oneself to a one-way source of entertainment.

4. Coordinate with colors. Planning ahead with tech purchases can go a long way with helping camouflage your gizmos in a particularly warm-toned, cottage modern, or shabby chic room. White tends to work well with warmer woods and textures. Meanwhile, blacks blend well with muted grays and beige. Silver tends to work with both.

Try experimenting and if you come up with a successful formula, feel free to share it with us.

[Images: Eric Roth]

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