How To Exhibit Proper Tech Etiquette

How To Exhibit Proper Tech Etiquette

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 23, 2010

In a world where technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous - phones, computers, and interactive devices - everything becomes a distraction and is often difficult to act accordingly without accidentally offending a host, family member, or potential roommates. But how does one address this issue of proper tech etiquette without creating more issues in the process?

Show patience and understanding. I've worked tech sales and IT positions for a number of years and I've walked away with one big lesson - people like to be heard, even when they know they're completely wrong and will probably never "get it." This may place you in an awkward situation where you wish to start throwing keyboards and swinging mice around in frustration, but trust me, a little patience goes a long way.

Encourage participation away from technology. People tend to fall into their technology safety bubble whenever things feel strange or unfamiliar. Create an environment where anyone can jump in at any time without feeling like they have to invest too much time or energy. Reward participation and

Confrontation regarding tech requires eloquence. That is, if you don't want to appear like a jerk. Since technology is somewhat of an ambiguous thing that sometimes can't always be measured (like bandwidth, for example), it's usually better to address a person's habits rather than the actual person. Play off their emotions. Create a common ground for understanding.

From the artist (me):

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What do you guys consider bad tech etiquette? How did you fix it? Let us know in the comments!

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