Faking A Clean House

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the weekend, we were at a friend’s house hanging out. A few text messages, a few phone calls and suddenly, an impromptu party with guests on their way over. Yikes! We ran around the house, trying to make it look presentable before the door bell rang. Our tips, after the jump.

Clear the clutter: Yup, this is the time to break out the paper bag and shove everything that’s out, and not supposed to be out, into it. You can deal with it later (don’t forget or you may find your phone turned off). Stow it in a closet, under the bed, anywhere that’s outta site.
French bath your house: Light a candle, spritz some air freshener, cut open a few lemons, boil up some cloves and cinnamon on the stove.
Dustbust: Attack the carpet, the couch and the bathroom floor.
Fluff the couch pillows: Plump them up and arrange them.
Check your entryway: First impressions count so spend an extra minute here.
Clean the sinks: In the kitchen, load the dishwasher or wash the dishes and leave them to dry. In the bathroom, wipe out the basin and clean the counter.
Make the bed: Fluffing the pillows and folding up the blanket at the foot of the bed fakes a made bed.
Preen yourself: If you look neat, your guests will think your home is too.