How To Find the Perfect Camera Strap

How To Find the Perfect Camera Strap

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 11, 2011

While I can probably blame the rising popularity of digital cameras with retro bodies pushing this whole segment of customization accessories, I won't deny the draw of a well-made camera strap. Here's a short process list on how I go about hunting for the perfect one.

Traditionally, camera straps are treated much like messenger bag straps or purses (murses, if you're a guy). Straps made for females tend to be significantly thinner than male straps, though I really see no issue with either - I personally prefer thin ones for my smaller cameras. Not just due to better balance, but I just think certain technology items are simply designed to pair better with particularly sized accessories.

I came up with a short list of things to consider, regardless of sex:

  • Weight: How heavy the camera is really changes the size of strap you'll be looking for. For dSLRs, you'll definitely want something thicker, much like the Seat Belt Strap ($20) seen above.
  • Color: If you're looking for vintage, go for natural tones. Black (and unlabeled) works too, but only when I'm looking to travel and have a less conspicuous camera presence.
  • Length: I guess this point stems from the previous one - the perfect strap is likely dependent on what you'll actually be using it for. For example, you can also consider shorter wrist straps if you're looking for heightened portability while someone looking to have something around their neck all day might want one of Roberu's leather straps ($50-60) that'll age well over time with increased use.

Most importantly, whether you're purchasing for a loved one or for yourself, approach it much like a design problem. Make sure it works with their fashion sense (or yours, if you think you've got some). It's always better to plan twice and buy once than to keep stocking up on a million accessories that might eventually see the bottom of a drawer.

Know a good camera strap store for cheap? Want to showcase a shot of your sexily customized camera setup? Share below!

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