How to Find The Right Emergency Power Generator

published Jul 29, 2010
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You might not think you need one. But as soon as the TV screen flashes to darkness and the time on your cable box begins to blink “12:00,” you’re going to wish you’d spent your tax refund on an emergency power generator instead of that cruise to Cancun. The next time you’ve got the extra cash, turn to this online Generator Finder guide to help choose the right one for your needs—even if you live in an apartment.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Growing up in Miami, I’ve seen my fair share of hurricanes. That also means I’ve been through plenty of hurricane-related power outages—some lasting more than a week.

I can tell you: Nothing stinks worse than getting stuck without power when you need it most.

Take a second to think about how much a sudden (lengthy) power outage would affect your life. If you’re already sweaty and panicked, it might be time to save your pennies for an emergency power generator.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Luckily, Home Depot has a feature on their website to help navigate their virtual aisles of generators and pick the right one for you. First step is deciding what type:

  • A portable generator is best for people who want a less expensive, portable unit. You can even use a compact portable generator to power some devices in your apartment as long as you can keep it outdoors and with your landlord’s permission.
  • A standby generator is best for homeowners who want extra security. A standby will turn on automatically when the power goes out (even if you’re away) and keep trucking even in severe weather. It will power many high-wattage devices that a portable generator isn’t able to power.

Once you figure out what type you need, Home Depot’s Generator finder can help you find the right model. Just input a few preferences—like price, wattage and brand—and then compare available models.