How To Find Your Phone When It's On Silent

How To Find Your Phone When It's On Silent

Taryn Williford
Jul 16, 2012

In last week's post, we recommended that you keep your phone's ringer volume on the highest setting, so if it's ever lost nearby, you can give your number a call and follow the sound. But if your phone was set to "silent" when you misplaced it at home, there's still an easy way for you to track down your cell. Just blast some music — really!

You know that annoying interference you hear through your car or computer speakers right before your phone rings? Yeah, it goes a little something like "blip, ba da blip, ba da blip, ba da... bzzzzzzz"? Basically, you're listening to the cell phone tower communicating to your cell phone — the wires to your speakers act like antennae and pick up the transmission. It's annoying when you're trying to enjoy music at your desk, but you can use that interference to track down a silent cell phone in your house.

If you know your phone is in your house or another enclosed area, get an old boombox (do you still have one of those?), a set of speakers with long cords or a music player with headphones. Walk around the house with the music on after calling the phone (If you're alone, try a website like

It won't ring on silent, of course, but the speakers may pick up interference as you move around the house and give you an audio trail to follow. As you get closer to your phone, you'll begin to hear more and louder interference. It's like a high-tech game of Hot and Cold.

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