How To Fix a Hard-to-Close Door with Toothpicks

How To Fix a Hard-to-Close Door with Toothpicks

Andie Powers
Feb 27, 2013

Circa the 1940s, the door to my condo is huge, heavy and admittedly not the right weight for the door frame. Until our association decides to change this, however, we have to deal with slamming doors due to hinges being knocked off-kilter, and the door adjusting out of its frame. However, we can use an inexpensive and easy trick to save the door and frame, and avoid nasty complaints from crazy downstairs neighbors. No one in particular.

For this project, you will need:

1. Toothpicks
2. A screwdriver that matches your screws, I used a flathead.


1. Examine your door and figure out which hinge is giving you the problem. It is most likely the top one--gravity! You can see from the cracks in the paint that the top hinge on my door is sagging.

2. Open the door, and remove the screws in that hinge. Clean any debris away, and grab your toothpicks. Break off a piece that is long enough to fit all the way to the back of the hole. Place it in the hole. [You can also put some wood glue to the opening as well but it is not necessary for a quick fix].

3. After placing your toothpick inside, place the screw back into the hole and screw it all the way in. If the screw continues to spin and spin, put another toothpick or longer piece of one inside.

4. Once you've completed all of the screws, break any pieces of toothpick that are sticking out, and test your door. It should open and close flawlessly!

(Images by Andie Powers).

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