14 Clever Sugru Household Fixes & Hacks

published Oct 28, 2018
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(Image credit: Sugru)

Sugru is the magical, moldable household putty-like glue with a million uses—but we’ve rounded up our 14 favorite applications. Guaranteed there are at least three here that will change your life. (And the best part? It’s only $10 on Amazon!)

Charger Repair by @zero.waste.net

How many chargers have we all lost to the dreaded bendy-fray? Use Sugru to reinforce a charger that’s starting to go, or reinforce one now so it never does.

Backsplash Hooks by @jen_em

This is flat-out genius. Tiled backsplashes are great, and hanging things from backsplashes is great, too, but how do you make a hook work with tile? Just make your own hook.

Straw Purse Repair by @debsterjvl

Anyone who’s ever owned and loved a straw purse knows the heartbreak of frayed handles; Sugru makes them useable again, while adding a colorful kick (if desired).

Heel Repair by @secretfashionfixes

One hundred percent of business ladies in ’80s movies suffered a broken heel, and probably a good percentage of real-life heel-wearers have too. Make your favorite pair last with a handcrafted little heel cap.

Camera Fix @omd17

This fix is a great chance to point out how badass it looks when you swirl different Sugru colors together. Create a custom blend or just mash all your leftover bits together. Either way, Sugru makes it easier to grip your valuable cameras and electronics.

Visible Mending by @botterman_empire

This is a fun take on kintsugi, with colorful Sugru serving as a playful, modern substitute for gold on this repaired vintage plate.

Childproofing by @sykkeloyvind

Having a child around means realizing that every single thing at kid-head level is completely deadly. Cushion those sharp edges with a generous coating of Sugru, either in neutrals or kid-friendly brights.

Luggage Wheel Repair by @gomimeruu

Another example of pure genius: Suitcase wheels give out approximately 20 years earlier than suitcases themselves, so building the wheel back up is a great way to actually get a reasonable luggage lifespan.

Phone Case Fix by @jealam

Is there a phone case out there that’s totally crack-proof? Fix your fave with some Sugru in an accent color.

Visible Mending by @remi_spikker

This stunning piece has the look of an artifact from the future: Organic, hand-carved wood repaired with some sort of powerful futuristic goo.

Shower Hooks by @leagin featured on @sugru

It’s handy to keep a razor in the shower, but letting a razor sit in any sort of moisture is not a good way to go. Little handmade hooks adhere to tiles and can hold a variety of lightweight items.

This plastic pot is elevated literally and stylistically with the addition of plastic beads adhered with Sugru.

Lens Cap Strap by @leuanzu

Never lose your lens cap again and set your camera apart with an attachment that’s as cute as it is handy.

Monstera Light by @homemadeproductionsuk

An IKEA shelf bracket, light cord, and faux leaf are brought together by the magic of Sugru.