How to Fix Previous Tenant's Shoddy Fuchsia Paint Job?

How to Fix Previous Tenant's Shoddy Fuchsia Paint Job?

Tess Wilson
Oct 23, 2015

Q: A previous tenant of the flat I just moved into thought it would be a great idea to paint the main living room wall a bright shade of fuchsia. The problem is that it's a hideous shade: not quite bright enough to be a joyful pink, not dark enough to be a moody maroon. And they've done a terrible job at painting...

It's patchy. Not enough layers, you can see where they've run out of paint. And the edges are uneven and messy.

Aside from requesting permission to re-paint the wall myself, what are my options for refreshing and brightening this rental space? Thanks.

-Sent by Kealey

Editor: That is quite a wall you've got there! Readers, please share your advice these three separate issues:

  1. How can Kealey best approach the landlord regarding repainting? What has worked/not worked for you in similar situations?
  2. If Kealey is allowed to repaint, how can the unevenness/messy edges/varied thicknesses best be dealt with?
  3. And if Kealey isn't allowed to repaint, what sort of colors, accessories, and decorating general approach do you recommend?
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