How To Fix Your Broken Airport Express

How To Fix Your Broken Airport Express

Repairing out of warranty tech is something we are big fans of here at Unplggd and it is easy to see why. Why fix instead of toss? Well, most likely it will save you money and you're doing something nice for the planet. Repairing a broken piece of tech instead of tossing it helps keep items out of the landfills and it also, if you are anything like us, gives you a nifty sense of accomplishment. Beloved Airport Express stop working? Check out this guide to help you get it back in good working order.

Instructables user Imjasonc had an Airport Express that would not turn on. After ascertaining that this was most likely due to a broken power supply unit, he decided to bypass the built-in power supply unit and salvage the Airport Express by using USB power. By following his instructions you will be able to power your Airport Express from a 5v USB A/C adapter, off your computer, or via any other USB power source. Now, that is what we call a DIY repair, one that restores and enhances functionality!

To follow this repair you will need: a hand saw, multimeter, soldering iron, solder, USB cable, USB Compact Flash card reader ( use one that is slightly smaller than the Airport Express so that it fits inside), and 3 wires 2-3 inches long (one for ground, one for 5v, and one for 3.3v).

As you have probably guessed based on the items that are needed, this is not a repair for the fainthearted (hello, handsaw) or the soldering averse. However, if you have a dead Airport Express on your hands that is out of warranty and the know-how to repair it, give it a shot, you could just save another product from being tossed.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the complete repair guide.

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(Image: Instructables User Imjasonc licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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