The Only Napkin Fold You’ll Ever Need to Know

published Feb 10, 2017
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This 3-fold method is the hands-down chicest way to showcase your silverware and elevate your table setting. All you need is one cloth napkin per setting and a couple minutes of prep time before your guests arrive.

Our main tip is to iron the napkins before you fold, which will make the process easier and the final product much crisper. Choose any color napkin that works with your table setting, or mix and match colors for a playful design.

What You’ll Need

  • Cloth napkins
(Image credit: AT Video)


1. To start, fold the napkin in half vertically. And then fold it in half again horizontally.

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2. Take the top right corner of the napkin, the first layer, and fold it over, so it’s touching the bottom left corner.

(Image credit: AT Video)

3. Next, take the top right corner of napkin again, the second layer, and fold it over to the bottom left corner. This time, make sure make sure the fold goes inside the first layer, rather than over it.

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4. After that, turn the napkin over to the other side. Take the left side of the napkin and fold it over 1/3, so that the edge of that side is in the center of the napkin. Then, take the right side of the napkin and fold it over to the left, completely covering the napkin layers. In this step, the napkin should go from a square to a long rectangle.

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5. Turn the napkin back over. Now, you can add your utensils.

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