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How To: Fold Hospital Corners

published Aug 11, 2009
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When you move into your own place, you value Mom’s homemaking advice more than when you were a child who didn’t want to make the bed. Now that I’m married and in a brand-new apartment, I have decided to relearn my mother’s art of hospital corners.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nothing feels better to me when it’s time to sleep than a firm, crisply made bed — it’s so classy, neat and orderly! Not to mention that it stays tucked twice as long as sheets that are shoved under the mattress.

1 Lay the sheet on the bed, making sure it’s flat.

2 Tuck the sheet firmly under the bottom of the bed.

3 Hold the sheet away from the bed. Pull it up on top of the mattress, making a triangle.

4 Tuck the end that drapes underneath the mattress.

5 Bring the remaining piece of sheet down neatly. Tuck this last piece underneath the mattress.

(Images: Lindsey Roberts)