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How To Fold Your Towels Like A Department Store

updated May 7, 2019
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Even though I worked for what seems like a million years in the world of retail, there are a few things I gleaned from my days and nights spent wearing the “May I help you?” uniform. I can hang a ridiculous amount of shirts in a very short period of time and there isn’t a towel on earth I can’t make appear more fluffy than it really is!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What You Need

1 towel, any size, shape, color or thickness


1. Find The Corners: This isn’t a tricky step and you can certainly fold a towel on a table, floor or bed that’s nearby, but most folks will be able to do this in your arms without any problem. Find the two corners that run along the length of the towel.

2. Fold In Half: Fold your towel in half horizontally and bring the two corners together.

3. Fold In Half Again (Almost): Repeat the same action in the same direction. Don’t make a perfect fold so the hemmed edges sit just slightly behind the fluffy folded edge. (if you’d like to see the edge, check out the red towel photos above, and check out the blue/grey photos if you don’t.)

4. Fold In Thirds: Now fold your towel in thirds as the photo shows above, the opposite direction you have been folding it. Make sure any embroidery or detailing is facing out when this step is done so it shows when all the towels are stacked up in your linen closet or on your bathroom shelf.

5. Fluff It Up!: The fold that faces out might need to be pulled a little at the sides, but by placing a finger or two in between the creases, you can fluff that towel a little more. Make a whole stack of towels and then fluff them up. You can make the tops and bottoms of each towel touch and although that seems silly to say out loud, it really makes a big difference visually!

6. Repeat Until Finished: Repeat with all your towels, fluffing as you go or waiting until the end to tackle the stack, but either way you’ll impress your guests and make it appear as though you spent far too much time folding when in all reality it takes less 10 seconds!

Additional Notes: You can use the same method with hand towels for an extra fluffy look, but be warned that when folded in this manner, only 3 or 4 can really sit out without toppling over.

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