Here's How to Get a Sunday-Style Home Every Day of the Week

Here's How to Get a Sunday-Style Home Every Day of the Week

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 5, 2015

Ahhh. Who doesn't love Sundays. It's a time made for leisure, lounging and fun. But don't you want to feel that way every day in your home? Here's how.

Wake up right

Waking up on Sunday is so special. No alarms, no rushing just relaxing. You can cultivate some of those aspects on work mornings, too. First address your alarm. Does it jolt you awake with a harsh buzz? Why? Switch to a gentle ring to coax you awake and try an app or calculator like to determine the easiest time to wake up based on your sleep cycles.

Take ten

Give yourself a break in the morning, literally. Everyone needs a little chunk of morning time to get mentally prepared for the day, whether that means a cup of coffee on the porch, a morning meditation or even some stretching. Build ten minutes into your daily schedule to take just for yourself.

Visually separate your desk

When you're trying to relax, the last thing you need is a reminder of unpaid bills or unreturned emails. You'll get to that stuff eventually, but don't forget that part of successfully existing in your space is carving out some time for fun. You can help yourself get there mentally with a few tweaks. If you can, put your desk in a place where you can close a door (or just walk to the other side of a wall). If you must have your workspace centrally located, make sure to clear it off when the work is done. Shut that computer down and file away your papers so you can really take time away.

Dally over dinner

Huge Sunday dinners are amazing but you can get that feeling anytime — even if it's over takeout. No matter what you're eating each evening, sit down, use a napkin and have a conversation. Your dinner will feel so much more luxurious (and taste much better).

Take a walk

A Sunday stroll is always lovely and you can (and should) make this one a daily routine as well. It's a physically and mentally healthy habit to adopt. Taking a quick walk will help your body get moving after a long day of work and help your brain relax and de-stress. Do this one as often as possible!

Will you add any of these Sunday activities to your work week?

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